Monday, April 6, 2015

March 2015 Favorites

Hello everyone! I've been back home for about a week now, and I figured it was time to do a post, so why not show you all some of my favorite things from the month of March? Let's get started!

Benefit Roller Lash

I bought this mascara after hearing so many YouTube beauty gurus raving about it, and although it was definitely a larger price tag than what I normally pay for mascara, I have to say it was worth every penny. First off, the packaging is SO cute; it's a little pink and black hair curler! The formula is a bit on the dryer side (which I like), and the brush is curved to be able to reach all those little lashes in the corners of your eyes that many wands cannot. It says that to get the full effect, you have to wiggle the wand throughout your lashes, but I find that I get awesome results just sweeping it through. It lengthens and pumps up my lashes so well, and it stays all day. I don't find it transferring at all, which is something I absolutely love, and overall such an awesome product. If you're contemplating purchasing this mascara, go for it!

Grace Helbig & Grace's Guide

I don't think it's any secret that I love my YouTubers, but particularly my heart has been with Ms. Grace Helbig. She's a 29 year old internet sensation, an author, an actress, and now has her own television show on E! I really identify with Grace, as we both struggle with severe anxiety disorders, and I find her all around wonderful. She's hilarious, she's smart, and her relationship with her best friend Mamrie Hart reminds me very much of my relationship with my best friend. Her book is a guide to becoming an adult, and although it's written sarcastically, it actually has some awesome tips and tricks when you find yourself thrown into the world of adulthood (aka me right now). I adore Grace, and I cannot wait to see where life takes her next.

Forever 21 Plus High Waisted Swimsuits

I don't particularly enjoy wearing a swimsuit (but who really does?), and with a good amount of my upcoming time being spent on vacation, I decided to get these high waisted bottoms from Forever 21. First of all, the price. $12? Yes please. I was in the Caribbean for a week, so I decided to get two pairs of bottoms and two of the tops. I absolutely love these swimsuits! They are so cute, they cover everything I want covered, and come in a variety of colors. I prefer to stick with solid black, or anything with polka dots, and I plan on purchasing some more for my upcoming trips. Definitely worth it!

Sara Bareilles Brave Enough: Live at the Variety CD/DVD

I have been a fan of Sara for a long time, and recently I really started listening intently to this album. It's a live concert, and I love how she sounds live. Her voice is beautiful, and her songs are as well.

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