Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hannah's Picks: Favorite (Affordable) Places To Shop Online

I admit it: I'm kind of a online shopaholic... Okay, I am a major one. I love looking & feeling good, and I certainly love a good deal (just like the rest of the world)! But alas, I am a college student with the budget to go right along with it. Over the past couple years, I have found some really incredible places to purchase not only clothes, but shoes, jewelry, and even odds & ends. Although I love my higher-end brands (Free People, I'm looking at you), sometimes I just can't afford to go that route. So I have compiled a list of my favorite online retailers that aren't too hard on your wallet!

Forever 21

This seems like the obvious choice, as Forever 21 is usually pretty affordable (the most I've ever paid for anything at the store is about $30 for a really great sweater). I know many people will argue that their stuff is 'cheap', or not made well, but the only time I've ever really come across that issue is with the dresses; the zippers always seem to get stuck on the seams of the dresses, and sometimes even break in the process. But for a $15 dress, my hopes aren't going to be too high. I have found some really amazing things at Forever 21, and Forever 21 Plus. They have a huge selection and tons of styles, and on their website, if you have an order over $50, you receive free shipping! Most of the time, I find other discount codes on websites such as RetailMeNot.com and the emails they send me every now & then!


Another seemingly obvious answer to those who love fashion, but you'd be surprised at the amount of people who have never even heard of the retailer. While not as inexpensive as Forever 21, prices are still fairly affordable, but the extra you're paying is worth it, because the quality of their clothes is fantastic. Some of my absolute favorite things I own are from H&M, and their sizing is great: they range from 0-14, and then a plus-size range from about 14-24. The don't always have discount codes, and they don't have a set amount that gets you free shipping, but once again RetailMeNot.com usually has a plethora of different codes to use! I also get the catalogue, and that comes with a discount code about 9/10 times.


I discovered this site through Rachel Zoe, and it's a bit different than a normal website... You have to sign up for a free account through either your Facebook or email address, and every single day, they get new shipments of tons of different brands in, and they're all heavily discounted (they're affiliated with Nordstrom Rack). Everything from clothes to shoes to homeware to mens to kids to beauty... They have pretty much everything. From the time the sale starts, you have approximately two days to pick out your items, but do it quick: There's only so many of each item, so they sell out very quick. They send out emails every morning telling you the brands on sale that day, so you're one of the first ones to know. Just this morning, I purchased some Free People items for a fraction of the normal price, and needless to say, I'm pretty stoked.


I feel like I've saved the best for last. I found out about this site through the beautiful Zoella while watching a video of hers around Christmastime; she was doing a haul (my favorite kind of video), and had partnered up with BooHoo to do a contest. I went to enter the contest, and got swept up in the beauty of it all. Everything is SO DARN CUTE! My favorite dress in my entire closet is from there, and only cost $20. Their accessories are adorable, and so are their shoes. The best part you might ask? Every single day, they have a new promo going with a new promo code, sometimes even offering 40% everything! The only downfall, is that it is based in the United Kingdom, and there aren't any stand-lone stores, so it takes a good while for your items to ship. To me, it's worth it for the adorable and well-made pieces I purchase!

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