Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 2015 Favorites

Another month has come & gone everyone... Where is this year going? Although this month has been pretty good to me, I am very excited for June! Lots of things are happening, including my birthday on the 2nd, and my best friends are graduating from high school on the 6th (wow I feel old!). To commemorate the end of May, I am here once again with my favorites of the month!

H&M Maxi Dress: I purchased two of these dresses when I was in Las Vegas last month at H&M, and I am very glad I did! They are by far the comfiest dresses that I own, they can work with anything, formal or casual, and you can't beat the price. I own the gray (pictured here) and the magenta one. Next on my list is the black one!

Music of the Month: This past month, I have been listening to a lot of one of my favorite bands, The Decemberists! They came to my town on Memorial Weekend, and I saw the concert with some pretty rad people, and it was incredible. Some people might describe their music as 'dark', but I really do enjoy it. It was the second time I've seen them live, and this time was even better than the first!

BooHoo Chelsea Boots: Now the boots pictured above are not the exact boots that I own, but they are extremely similar. The ones I purchased are here, and are absolutely wonderful. They have a slight heel, and are oh so comfortable, and kept my feet nice & toasty at an outdoor concert during the rain. I love the look of Chelsea boots, and when I found these on BooHoo's website, I couldn't resist.

Pitch Perfect 2: If you haven't seen the original Pitch Perfect, it's the story of college freshman who are in acapella singing groups and battle it out for the top honors while singing, dancing and riffing. The second movie came out on May 15th, and words cannot describe how excited I was to see it. I went to an advance showing, and it was everything I hoped for & more. I've already seen it twice (no shame) and I own the soundtrack, so you could definitely say it was a monthly favorite!

Makeup of the Month: Two of my most used makeup products this month were the original Naked palette by Urban Decay, and the Maybelline Fit Me! Matte & Poreless powder. I've had the Naked palette since August, and I really used it a lot this month. It has such staple colors, and a good mix of both matte and shimmery shades. I also own the Naked 3, but I think this might be my favorite! Regarding the powder, I purchased it at Target for about $6 to see if anything could combat my oily skin. I've heard good things about the Matte & Poreless foundation, but since I don't wear foundation, I decided to give the powder a try. It doesn't make me 100% matte, but it does a good job & I really love the formula of it!

Let me know below what your favorites from May are!

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