Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Perfect Palette: My Top Four Palettes

Hello everyone! I seem to forget the fact that I'm supposed to be an avid blogger, huh? Well, I'm back, and today I have the Perfect Palette Tag for you! I chose my top four palettes that I love and adore; this was a hard one for me, considering I own many palettes (and no doubt will own some more in the future)! In no particular order, let's begin, shall we?

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette - This was the first actual eyeshadow palette I owned, and I love it just as much to this day. The third edition in the Naked series consists of warm, rose gold tones that flatter any eye and skin color. With my fair complexion and green eyes, I love the way these shadows look on me, no matter what kind of look I'm going for! My most used color in the palette is 'Mugshot', a metallic taupe with a slight pink hue.

Stila In The Light Palette - Now I know I said these are in no particular order, but this is hands down my favorite eyeshadow palette ever. I purchased this off of the Stila website last Christmas when it was going out of stock, so I snagged in for about $20. You get ten eyeshadows and a creamy brown eyeliner, which makes for endless looks. My most-used color in the palette is 'Kitten', a champagne color with lots of sparkle. 

Urban Decay Naked Palette - The original Naked palette, to me, is possibly the best out of the four available versions. Filled with universally flattering colors, some matte and some shimmery, I absolutely adore this and find it is well worth the money spent. Not to mention, they blend like a dream! My most used color in the palette is 'Half Baked', a bronzy-gold shimmery shade.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit - If we're being totally honest here, I only put this palette in my tag for two out of the six shades this guy comes with. Those two being 'Banana' and 'Fawn'; I use Banana to set my undereye concealer and to cancel out my dark circles, while Fawn is my go-to contour shade. The rest of the contour colors, I find, do not really serve a purpose unless you have darker skin (Java and Havana both make me look orange) and the remaining colors are just regular powder tones. I always try to find new ways to use the whole palette, like using the contour shades for a crease color in my eyes, but the two middle shades are very well loved.

Tell me your favorite palettes below!

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