Saturday, November 21, 2015

My Top Websites: Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle

Hello once again! Today, I am bring you guys my top five favorite websites, but not just any old websites: my favorite fashion, beauty, and lifestyle websites. Now, these are the websites I use for inspiration, ideas, to browse for items that I might enjoy, and to just make things pretty. Being organized in every aspect of my life keeps my stress and anxiety down, and these websites do a good job of helping with that. Some of these sites are no brainers, or are pretty popular, but some are gems not yet discovered by many that I want to bring to your attention. Let's get started!

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is the world's online scrapbook, it seems. You can find literally anything on this site, and create boards pertaining to your interests. Your pinning your interests! Haha, get it? Okay... But this site is really wonderful, and I draw a lot of inspiration from it. Whether that be from the street style overtaking the 'Women's Fashion' tag, or the holly jolly holiday spirit from the 'Christmas' tag, I always find so many different things on this site that I never would've otherwise!

2. Wanelo

Wanelo, aka "Want, Need, Love" is an online shopping mall where you can discover new products, and shop your favorites stores, such as Urban Outfitters, Sephora, and even Etsy. With over 500,000 different stores to browse through, you're bound to find what you're looking for on here! I categorize my favorite things with names such as 'Outfit Inspo', 'Gettin Pretty' and 'Things For the Homestead'.

3. Polyvore

Polyvore is an online style community where it's members can create collages of clothing and beauty items, and since recently, even home items. They're called 'Sets', and your followers can shop directly from the sets if they like something you've shared! I enjoy this site because it allows me to be creative with things I really love, and to find inspiration that I didn't even know existed. I've been on Polyvore for a couple years now, and I find it's really helpful for me to create these sets for myself! 

4. Influenster

Although I am pretty new to the world of Influenster, I still am thoroughly enjoying it! Influenster is a product and discovery website that uses the number of followers/subscribers/friends that a person has, and translates that to an Impact Score (the higher the score, the better!). You review products, make lists of things you love for others to see, and answer questions about items you know & love. So far, there are over 1.5 million users and counting! I'm very excited to announce that I'm currently working with the site on a cool project, and you guys will get to here about it very soon! 

5. Blogger

Creating this blog and being able to create posts on whatever I'm feeling that day has truly been a wonderful thing. I'm by no means the best blogger, or the most consecutive blogger (I definitely have had my times where I've forgotten to post for too long...), but I really love having my blog. I'm very thankful for everyone who takes the time to read my posts and look at my pictures, and I cannot wait for you guys to see what I have in store for 2016!

Let me know below your favorite websites like this! I'm always on the hunt for new ways to be creative with what I love :)

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