Monday, December 7, 2015

12 Days of Blogmas: Day 4

Blogmas Day 4 has arrived! Let's get down to it: shopping for gifts can either be a breeze, or they can completely stump you. You want to find the PERFECT present, but not burn a hole in your pocket either. I've compiled three gift guides; whether it's a boyfriend, a sister, or a niece or a nephew, I've got you covered with some suggestions!

Gold coffee travel mug: Everyone needs a mug to keep their drinks hot in the winter. This gold Kate Spade mug is perfect for drinking on the go.
An adult coloring book: I have a few of these, and I absolutely love them. They're very therapeutic, and are perfect for the creative person in your life.
A perfume gift set: This time of year, places such as Sephora and Ulta has tons of adorable gift sets for the beauty lover in your life!
A neutral colored infinity scarf: Perfect to keep necks warm on those freezing nights, and can even be worn in the summer for a light accessory. 
A Polaroid photo album: For anyone who owns those adorable mini Polaroid cameras, this is a great way to display and store those photos!
A cute colored day planner: Organization is a common New Year's Resolution, so why not help someone get a head start?

A Hydroflask: These are great for keeping what needs to be hot, hot, and what needs to be cold, cold. A great gift for someone always on the go!
A cologne sampler kit: If you're unsure which fragrance is right, why not give them a selection? Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren makes great sets!
Cozy socks: Always a great staple, especially in the winter. They come in tons of colors and designs and fabrics.
A fun game: Things such as darts and board games are a great gift idea because of the fun they bring to the table. 
Headphones: Everyone needs a great pair of headphones! You don't have to go spending your whole salary on one pair; there are great cheaper options all over the internet.
A magazine subscription: It doesn't matter what your guy likes, fashion or working out? Designing or travel? There's a magazine for that!

A character Pillow Pet: Even though I'm almost 20, I personally own two Pillow Pets of my own. They're perfect for any age, and come in so many characters, perfect for kids!
A cute canvas storage bin: Perfect for all those toys they'll be receiving this holiday season!
A classic children's book: Pictured here is my all-time favorite, but bring back your old favorite story as a child, and make it live on even longer.
Toy sets: If your giftee likes sports, head for some plastic sports balls they can practice with! Since they're small, they can be used indoors and outdoors.
A cute slogan sweater: Kids in sweaters are just adorable, and ones with cute slogans are even better! You can find almost any slogan or character on a snuggly sweater (Sweater pictured sold out)!
A lunchbox: If your kiddo is in school or soon to start, a personalized lunchbox is so much more fun than a brown paper bag. It'll make lunchtime a little bit more magical.

I hope these gift guides gave you a bit of inspiration! Stay tuned for Blogmas Day Five!

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