Thursday, March 30, 2017

March 2017 Favorites

Hello everyone! Now that I have officially completed my winter term of college (and am going a bit easier on classes for spring term), I have more time now to be able to update this blog and post more content for you guys to see, and hopefully enjoy! So why not start out with a favorites for the month of March? Also, how are we already at the end of March?! I do love spring and warm weather, and although Oregon hasn't had much of that lately, I am excited for things to come. For this month, not only am I bringing you the beauty & skincare items I've enjoyed, but I'm also going to be adding my Top 5 songs of the month at the end of the post! Hopefully that'll be a permanent addition to my favorites post from now on; let's get started!

I have been eyeing this palette for quite some time now, but didn't think I would put it to enough use to weigh out the price of it. While my Dad & I were in Portland, he got it for me from Ulta, and I am so glad he did! I can't get over how stunning this is; the colors are so pigmented & blendable. I have created so many looks with it thus far, and the brush it comes with (not pictured here, as I was washing it) is actually great as well. My favorite shade is Buon Fresco!

I heard about this shampoo from one of my favorite YouTubers, JkissaMakeup, who was even kind enough to respond to my question on Twitter about this item before I decided to buy it. I have VERY oily hair; I don't know how it got this way, but it is, and I hate it. She said this has significantly helped her oily hair, and gave it volume, which is exactly what it does! I use it every other time I wash my hair, and bonus: it smells like tropical fruit!

Let me tell you one thing right now... I did not want to spend the money I did on this. $70 for a face mask is crazy! My skin has been really problematic lately, with lots of breakouts (which is super uncommon for me, I never break out severely), so I gave into the hype and purchased it. It goes on a dark gray, but when it's completely dry, it turns light gray with tons of black dots all over your face (which is the charcoal sucking the stuff out of your pores). It's so interesting & fun to do, but I save it for a once-a-week treat. It's improved the look and feel of my skin; I'll definitely repurchase!

Yet another overly expensive product... I'm ridiculous, I know. I bit the bullet and purchased this from Sephora to try and help my skin, along with the UFO Oil that goes with it (I returned the oil, as it seemed to do nothing to my skin, plus it was $80). I LOVE the smell of this stuff, which is funny because all the reviews had that as a negative, but it smells like lemongrass. The consistency is so strange, but it feels incredible & cooling as I apply it to my skin. It's definitely improved my skin as well, and helped with the oiliness I had. I really do love this stuff, as much as it hurts to say it, and I will be repurchasing once I'm out.

I hate that this color was limited edition and is no longer available, because I want to buy 10 more bottles. Kathleen is quite possibly my favorite YouTuber, and she recently released her own line of cruelty-free nail polish! This sparkly shade is named after her catchphrase, and I can't get enough of it. I'm usually much too lazy to pain my nails, so when I have nail polish on, you know I love it. I've worn this shade for TWO WEEKS STRAIGHT and there were no chips. Um, what?! I can't wait to purchase all of her other shades and support my girl!

The Ultra Satin lips from Colourpop are some of my favorite liquid lipsticks, and that's saying something considering how many I own. They don't dry down completely matte & they're not transfer proof, which makes them super comfy. This color particularly is a favorite; it's a peachy nude that matches my natural lip color perfectly! 

Top 5 Songs of March!

1) Liability by Lorde
2) Feel It Still by Portugal the Man
3) Tired of Talking by L√ČON
4) Firelight by Young the Giant
5) The entire new Beauty & the Beast soundtrack (sorry not sorry)

I hope you guys enjoyed my favorite for the month of March! I'm looking forward to April and what new things it brings! 

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