Monday, May 1, 2017

All About Lips: Swatches & Dupes

If you know me at all, it's no secret that lip products are my weakness. Lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, lip crayons, lip balms, everything. I will be the first to admit I own way too many, but to be fair, I do wear different colors all the time. If I could only wear one makeup item for the rest of my life, it would be a bright colored lip. Reds, oranges, pinks, purples, nudes, grays... I have quite the range. A popular task within the beauty community is to 'dupe' more expensive products; i.e. find a cheaper version of the product that looks and performs the same. My go-to for finding new ones is K & L, the two lovely girls behind the brand DupeThat (here is their Instagram, take a look!), but I wanted to find some of my own, and within my own collection. Not all of these are exact dupes, I want to add: they either will differ in formula (such as a regular lipstick versus a liquid) or they differ in shade, but only one or two shades. I tried to keep these as close as I could, so let's get into it!

Rimmel: As I was editing this post I realize that this color might have been discontinued because I can't find it! I still want to put it in here because if you can find it, it's a perfect dupe.

There you have it! Dupes and swatches and colors of the similar tone of some of my favorite lip products, that I personally own! I hope these help you out or give you some inspiration for some new colors you want! Let me know in the comments which colors are your favorite!

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